Our Services

Nursing Care

Mercy Group Clinics is renowned for her quality nursing care and provision of excellent services in Ogun State, and indeed the entire Nation. Professionalism is an aspect we pride ourselves in. We take great care in recruitment and retention of nurses who are committed to patient’s care.  This goes a long way to improve and maintain the quality of the nursing care and standards we have set over time.

Medical Care

Mercy Group Clinics has the good pool of professional Doctors.  We have resident medical Doctors and a wide range of specialist doctors for consultations and specialized medical attention to our clients.  The duty rosters are scheduled in such a manner that any specialised attention has a Specialist on-call for twenty-four hours.

We are accredited by the National Medical Postgraduate College for Training of traiing in Residency Programme in Tutelage and Part II Fellowship of the College of Family Medicine

The Resident Doctors and clinicians work in interchangeable shifts to make sure that their personal and official needs are balanced at all times. This ensures that our patients tend to create a connection with the Doctors for maximum health care satisfaction.


Mercy Group Clinics pharmacy is managed by highly qualified personnel who give exemplary advisory services to the patient.  The pharmacy offers patient support services which include drug information on prescription, toxicology/poison information and patient education.

Radiology Department

Mercy Group Clinics radiology department is a modern and dynamic diagnostic centre. Equipment available are the X-ray and Ultra sound among others.


The department is subdivided into sections, specific to similar diagnostic laboratory tests. These include:

  • Microbiology     
  • Biochemistry     
  • Serology              
  • Parasitology
  • Haematology and blood transfusion
  • Hormones      
  • Tumor Markers
  • Chemistry           
  • Cancer Screening Tests

NHIS Accredited Centre

Mercy hospital is an accredited centre for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Currently the hospital is being patronized by over fifty (50) Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) which are licensed by NHIS to get individuals registered from different ministries, private, public and government parastatals for the scheme.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department

Obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive medicine is being managed by consultant specialists who to strive to improve standards for doctors, nurses and patients in reproductive medicine.  Adequate counseling and treatment is provided for would be mothers in all areas of reproductive medicine.

Detailed investigations are carried out in cases of subfertility and assisted reproductive techniques are suggested where necessary.

Counseling is valued at pre-pregnancy state, during pregnancy and adequate care taken at a well organized antenatal care sessions enabling the to-be mother have optimal health.

Facilities are provided for convenient assistance during childbirth and postnatal period by a team of well trained and experienced doctors and nurses.

Support Services

Our support service covers Internal Audit, Engineering and Maintenance, Laundry and Housekeeping, and the catering department.

The Internal Audit Department provides quality auditing services that result in reduced costs, gains in operational efficiencies and strengthened internal controls to assist the hospital in the achievement of her goals and objectives.

The Medical Engineering and Maintenance Department is responsible for coordination of projects for execution, calibration of equipment, maintenance and repairs.

The Laundry and Housekeeping Department is charged with the responsibility of cleaning all linen and wears as a process of patient care, in readiness for re-use and carrying out repair work as may be necessary.

The Catering Department provides patient meals every day; and very so often for staff and seminar/conference attendees and visitors. All meals are freshly cooked while observing high standards of hygiene.

Our Specialties

Our leading private physicians offer patients coming to the Physicians’ clinic expertise across the following medical specialties:

Orthopaedics and Traumatology (Emergency and Elective)

  1. Non-operative management of simple closed fractures with regular plaster-of-paris (POP) or fibre cast/scotch cast either without anaesthesia or with manipulation under anaesthesia.
  2. Operative cases of both open and closed compound or complex fractures using modern technologies and implants ranging from locked intramedullary nails, hybrid intramedullary nails employing both intramedullary and extramedullary complex.
  3. Fixing special fracture variants using anatomical or customized implants e.g for the femoral condyles, tibia plateau radial head, humeral epicondyles, e.t.c.
  4. Ablative care of crash or mangled limbs, thereby preserving the viable organs and the patients as a whole.
  5. Application of external fixation devices to manage severe bone comminution and soft tissue damage(s).
  6. Congenital or acquired limb deformities correction e.g leg deformities, ricket diagnosis, blount’s diagnosis, etc.
  7. Correction of spine deformities (acquired/congenital) e.g scoliosis, kyphosis e.t.c
  8. Correction/management of degenerative joints diseases e.g low back pain from lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, ankle, e.t.c
  9. Atrial and total joints replacements e.g hip/knee/shoulder
  10. Treatment of deformities associated with cerebral palsy, poliomyelitits, acquired nerve injuries like Erb’s palsy.
  11. Limb lengthening surgeries to correct limb shortening which may be congenital or acquired
  12. Covering of areas of soft tissue/skin loss using split skin thickness grafts or flaps of various forms.

Note: Specialized imaging devices like a C-arm machine are available to ease surgery and ensure precision during surgery.

General Surgery (Emergency and Elective)

  1. Appendicectomy (Laparoscopic and open)
  2. Herniorrhaphies (Inguinal, femoral, umbilical, etc)
  3. Herniotomies/Hydrocelectomy
  4. Exploratory Laparotomies
  5. Laparoscopic and Open Cholesystectomies
  6. Bowel Resection (small and large bowels)
  7. Hemicolectomies for bowel malignancies
  8. Splenic and Liver Resections/Repair
  9. Endoscopies )for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  10. Liposuctioning (for tummy trimming and weight control in severe or morbid obesity
  11. Lumpectomies (breast lumps, subdermal lumps)
  12. Mastectomies (for cancer/Ca breast)
  13. Suprapubic Cystostomy (for acute urinary retention in obstructive uropathy)
  14. Modern day baby penis circumcision
  15. All urological cases including prostatectomy and Urethroplasty


  1. Comprehensive antenatal care
  2. Pre-conception care
  3. Prevention and detection of complications
  4. Management of concurrent illness
  5. Detailed examination

*          Physical

*          Heart and lungs

*          Blood pressure

*          Weight

*          Cervical smear

*          Early ultrasound

*          Laboratory investigations (Retroviral Screening, Blood Group, Genotype,   Tuberculosis contact, HbSAg, Hepatitis Virus C, Packed Cell Volume, Urinalysis, Full Blood Count, OGTT)

  1. Counseling
  2. Vaccinations/Immunizations
  3. Management of low and high risk pregnancies
  4. Screening for Downs Syndrome in high risk
  5. Determination of best state of delivery
  6. Quality Obstetric care process
  7. 24 hours obstetric care



  1. Comprehensive general gynaecology care
  2. Specialized management of certain conditions such as;

*          Chronic pelvic pain

*          Endometriosis

*          Fibroids

  1. Basic Fertility assessment for intending/newly married couples
  2. Comprehensive management on infertility
  3. Intra-uterine insemination
  4. Hysteroscopy services for infertility and evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding
  5. Laparoscopy services for evaluation of infertility and chronic pelvic pain
  6. Menopause clinic
  7. Gynaecological cancer screening

Paediatrics (Neonatology)

Resuscitation and prompt diagnosis of;

  1. Ventillatory support
  2. Rhesus haemolytic disease
  3. Jaundice of the new born
  4. Exchange blood transfusion
  5. Malformation;

*          Gastrointestinal

*          Genitourinary

*          Congent

  1. Respiratory distress
  2. Care of minor to severe neonatal issues


We habilitate and rehabilitate patient with a range of conditions such as;

  1. Neurological – stroke, cerebral palsy
  2. Neuromuscular – muscular dystrophy, myasthesia gravis, amyatropic lateral sclerosis
  3. Musculoskeletal – Tendonitis, Post immobilization stiffness, fracture
  4. Cardiovascular – Hypertension, cardiac rehabilitation
  5. Respiratory – Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Rib fracture



  1. For health promotion and prevention
  2. Physical fitness
  3. Weight reduction and maintenance


  1. X-ray studios
  2. Barium examinations
  3. IVUs and Cystograms
  4. Hysterosulpigograms
  5. Mammography
  6. Ultrasound scan

Internal Medicine

  1. Cardiac centre
  2. Nephrology with ultra-modern renal dialysis
  3. Endocrinology
  4. Management of Diabetes Mellitus
  5. Management of Hypertension
  6. Gastro-enterology
  7. Neurology
  8. Psychiatry
  9. Family and Industrial Healthcare

Optical Clinic

  1. Visual Field Test
  2. General Vision Care
  3. Detection of eye defects and correction
  4. Glaucoma screening
  5. Fitting of contact lenses

Our Facilities & Services

Our hospital is well equipped with modern medical equipment all geared towards providing quality services to clients at an affordable rate. These includes: ultra-modern X-ray machine & Ultra Sound, Laboratory Diagnostic equipments, Major and Minor operation theatre, Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy aids, Incubators, fully-equipped ultra-modern Ambulances etc.

Below is the list of Facilities and services available at Mercy Group Clinics:

  1. 24hours Daily Health Care delivery
  2. Family and Industrial Health Care
  3. Maternity Services
  4. Planned Parenthood Services
  5. Optical Clinic Service
  6. Emergency Treatment and referral
  7. Modern and fully-Stocked Pharmacy
  8. Fully equipped Laboratory Services
  9. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  10. X-Ray, Ultra sound and ECG
  11. Male, Female and Pediatrics wards
  12. Infant Welfare Clinics
  13. Ultramodern Keep-fit/ Weight Reduction Clinic
  14. Major and Minor Theatres
  15. 24hours Ambulance Services with dedicated telephone lines
  16. Resident Doctors, Medical Officers and Specialist Consultants in various fields
  17. 42 Beds, 6 Private Rooms and 4 Semi Private rooms
  18. Internet Services
  19. 2 standby 100kva and 2 25kva generators